Faux Samba

Game Show Latin

Where’s the ginseng? ¬†

Talking too slow these days and it is making me grow a 2x chin

Of course I respect this suggestion…

Where else could we possibly go on a Saturday night?

Shipwreck and a full moon

I thought I was a prophet of love

Maybe I could make a series of motivational talks and sell them

We come from the same place as those creatures, so it doesn’t matter if we eat them.

Jungle warriors lost on alien streets


Memories of conversations with butterflies 

There is a NYC beach where you find Hindu Gods


A small beach opposite JFK airport has become the local Hindu populations replacement for the Ganges River: A sacred body of water used for religious ceremonies.

The beach is a tableaux of Religious detritus: Half coconut shells, bananas with incense sticks jutting out of them, broken statues…